Smart plugins 1+1 switch

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Fit them anywhere. With close to zero hassles.

switches are retrofit modules. Whether your building is brand new, or old, or still in construction, you can always rely on our smart devices to fit in snugly into your switchboard.

Smart. Compact. Versatile

Smart plugins 1+1 switch lets you control your fans and lights using your smart phone. Switch them on or off. Regulate the fan speed. Command over voice!

Operate your appliances with a single tap

No more having to manually turn on and off switches. With Smart plugins  switches you can operate on your smart phone.

Automate your Homes. Step into the future.

With features like schedules, timers and routines, you can automate your daily chores effortlessly. Set your evening lights to turn on, on their own. Let your night lamp turn off by itself even if you forget to turn it off.

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